An Exciting Look at Today

Here is what is going on with me right now:

1. Today, now that I've curled it, my hair looks like Steven Tyler's.  The question is, is that a good thing or is it a GREAT thing??

2. Colin has just started saying his name: "Nawin".  And he started saying Harrison's name which sounds almost perfect.  He called him "House" for a little while, and before that just called him "Him".  It is so fun to hear his tiny voice say Harrison.   And, while he used to say "Maman" to refer to the Dark Knight, now he calls him "Batpan" which makes me laugh every single time he says it.  He is in the other room right now, signing the Batman song,   "Na na na na na na Batpan!  Na na na na na na Batpan!"

Oh my gosh, it is hilarious.

3. I made a huge batch of Sugar Cookies today to give away for Valentine's Day, based on the recipe that is supposed to be just like Paradise Bakery's Sugar Cookies, and they turn out really not great.  Harrison spit his into the garbage and asked why I made the cookies taste so gross.

4. And my bathroom looks like this:

I really kind of wanted the drywall to be DONE last Saturday.  And when we didn't finish on Saturday I thought for SURE I could finish yesterday.  And I didn't.   I am now convinced that we can finish today. It's 8:30 pm, so we still got time, right?

Shepherd's says that our Tile will be in on Thursday, so I was kind of hoping to start installing it this coming Saturday.  But we've got to paint  first and before that we have to mud the walls and before that finish drywalling and we also need to plaster all over the plaster walls to make them smooth and even with the drywall.

So maybe I'm a dreamer.  Whatever.  I get my hopes up and have them crushed on a weekly basis.  All part of the remodeling process.

I know that right now what I should do, to make my dreams a reality, is get up there and cut some more drywall!  But what I think I'm gonna do instead is go veg on the couch for a while, and watch some "How I Met Your Mother".  I hope Future Elesa forgives me.


  1. I've been reading past posts about your remodeling. It's fun. And I missed reading them when you posted them because I never pay attention. And I have to say, YAY for drywall and bathroom tile. And also, you make me not want to buy a 100 year old house to renovate like I used to want. Because I've come to the realization that I am just way too lazy for that. But still, YAY for you.

  2. I'm so glad My Message is reaching someone! That should be my main goal. Not to make people feel sorry for me, but to convince everyone NEVER to do this. Ever. EVER.

  3. Did Harrison really ask you why you make cookies taste gross? That's pretty funny. I'm really impressed with your bathroom progress, maybe that's because I read all your remodel posts in one sitting so it seemed like things happened really fast to me.

  4. Sometimes my cooking fails so badly I don't even feel hurt when my son sneaks his food into the trash can.
    Sometimes I can't even eat it.
    Sad that happened to a huge batch of cookies, though! Why is it always the big endeavors that go wrong? (I tried making bread a month or so ago, and I ended up throwing huge lobs of un-rising dough into the trash. It was so stupid).
    Now I'm out of flour, or I'd make some sugar cookies for Valentine's Day too! :)
    Especially if it meant ignoring the needs of the house... :D