Here's the haps:

The roof is almost done!
I love how the red brick looks against the black shingles.  Hooray!  
There are just a few sections left to shingle, and I predict they will probably finish on Saturday.  Possibly.  They told us it would be done last Wednesday, but here we are.  I don't know why people don't estimate long.  If they had told us it would take 3 weeks, and then it took two, I would have been thrilled.  But he told us it would be about 4 days, so now two weeks seems like forever.  Richard says everyone should do what Scottie does.  When the warp core is on the fritz he tells the captain, "I canna do it in less than a week."  And the captain says, "You have two hours."    And he always does it in time.  If he told the captain in the first place that he could do it in two hours, the captain would probably expect him to be done in 15 minutes.  

What's next?

Lani the builder has just about finished up all of the framing.  For instance, in the picture below you can see the wall that has put up in the front room.  Now when you walk in the house you are standing in a hallway, with a room off to each side.  

And then in the 3rd bedroom with the vaulted ceiling there is now a little loft above the closet.  It is going to be awesome.  

We're still working away on the plumbing and electrical.  It isn't really hard work, just time consuming.  And hot.  And it has been so humid lately that it makes me sweat like a sprinkler. 

Still, I kind of enjoy it.   And lots of the wiring I can do by myself while Richard is at work, and that is good too.  We are making a lot of progress and getting close to being done.  All that is left to do is:

Lighting in the downstairs bathroom
Fan in the downstairs bathroom
Lighting in the 3rd bedroom
Lighting in the office
Lighting in the utility room
Porch lighting
Patio Lighting
closet lighting
Fan in the master bathroom
internet wiring
cabinet lighting in the kitchen
carport lighting
smoke detectors
plumbing for dishwasher
plumbing for fridge
gluing all pipes together

Can you guess how long the list was in the first place if this is how long the almost done list looks like?  Hopefully that will only take us a couple of weeks because hopefully we only have a couple of weeks until we have to be done with it.   And that is all my friends.  Au revoir.


I know 760 days seems like way too high of a number all of the sudden, but I realized that we first started talking to Lani the builder in July 2013.  So this has been my focus and goal and stress and worry for the last TWO YEARS.  No wonder I am exhausted.  I'm going to start patting myself on the back daily for my excellent show of patience.

However one of my wishes is finally coming true.  Because what you see in the following picture are roofers!

Some of the addition already has the shingles on and everything!  Now if they can just finish the roofing without any of them getting heat stroke, we will all be winners!

Here are some more porch pictures.  Richard wanted a big porch, so Richard got a big porch.  

It is going to be awesome.  Not that you could tell that from this picture of porch ceiling, but it will be.


In the car today Harrison told me the parable of the 10 virgins.

He said, "I want to teach you a lesson about being prepared.  This is a TRUE story."  And then proceeded to tell me about a wife's husband and 10 grooms, 5 who had extra oil for their lamps and 5 who didn't.  Besides a few details, he got most of it right.  If you are unfamiliar with the parable of the 10 virgins, here it is in video form:

My favorite part of his story was when the foolish "grooms" who ran out of oil asked the wise ones to share their oil with them, and the wise ones said, "I love and you're great, but I don't have enough to share with you."

He is so gifted at ignoring people, that most of the time I just assume he isn't listening, so when he drops something like this on me, it always blows me away.


I was really super excited for the roofers to start working on Monday,  and so, of course,  they didn't.  Cuz of the rain. Darn rain. The builder says he hasn't heard from them, so who knows when they will start.  That will teach me to get my hopes up about something.

And while we are on the subject of the darn rain,  Richard and I spent all day Saturday rewiring the lights in bedroom #2, the one that used to be the master bedroom. It took forever because we didn't want to take out the drywall.  And then it POURED rain, and since the shingles had been taken off the roof above that room the drywall all got soaked anyway and will have to be replaced.  Some of it even fell out all by itself, just to mock us.

So Rude.

We've spent a bunch more time running wires and doing plumbing and I even got to crawl around under the house, covered in spiderwebs, dirt and sweat to pull some wires.  I was sweating so much it was running down my face like rain.  When I climbed out from under the house a big drop of sweat dripped off my face and splatted onto my toe.  I know you are glad to know that about me.  I am certainly glad to share it with you.  

We stopped by the house this evening to plan out the lights in the kitchen, and when we pulled up we found this in front of our house:

It was around 7:00, so we were surprised to find anyone still working.  Then we walked into to the house and I started shouting, "A window!  Richard, I see a window!!"

And indeed, there was a window guy, installing windows all by himself, and acting like it was totally no big deal, which it TOTALLY was.  I think I actually jumped up and down a few times.  

We may have no idea when the roofers are coming, but at least half of the windows are put in!  

The porch is also coming along, in its own way.  Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Just before we left a huge wind came up and ripped most of the plastic off the roof, so Richard climbed up in the ManLift and nailed it back down.  It was a pain in the patootie, but the sunset was beautiful.  That just about sums up life doesn't it?  Stuff stinks and drives you crazy and at the same time you are surrounded by so much wonder and beauty you just want to cry.

Colin Says

Just found this.  Better post it.  Don't worry, I have stuff on Harrison too.  You'll just have to wait.

Found Colin Naked in the kitchen wiping up something off the floor. 
“Wow, Colin, watcha cleaning up?"
Colin, happily “it’s just pee.”

Went to get the mail but there was none.  To Colin I said “There is no mail today.”
Colin:”Maybe the mailman dead.”
Me “No, there just isn’t any mail for us.  The mailman isn’t dead.”
Colin, persuasively, “But maybe.”

Colin hurt his leg, so I told we would have to cut it off.  He said "No!  We need two legs!  Me have one leg me hop around like a bunny!"

And speaking of bunnies, for several months there when he was three, when he pretended to hop around like a rabbit he would say "Hobbit" as he jumped.

Feb 2015:  The family was discussing how big our town is getting.  Harrison said it used to be a town, but now it is a city.  Colin said, "Cities are fun!  I mean boring!  Because I am bored!"  I started laughing and he said, "No, Mom.  For real."

Jan 2015: I put Colin in time out and I heard him upstairs screaming "You not going to get away with this, Mommy!"


I don't know why, but things have been moving pretty slowly this week.  Mine is not to ask why, it is to accept what comes to me and eat icecream when I am frustrated.  

Richard and I have spent the last two days doing plumbing and electrical work.  And today when I got there, this was pulling into my front yard:

That, my friends, is a truck full of shingles!!!  That is right!  It is exciting enough to warrant 3 exclamation marks!

The shingle truck comes equipped with this handle little conveyor belt that they rotate around any direction they want.

And so, when the moment felt right, they rotated it around so that it was situated right over the roof.  It was magical.

And then, to my joy and surprise, when one of the roofing guys needed to get on to the roof, he just grabbed onto the conveyor belt and rode it too the top.  Lucky!

riding to the roof

Then he and his compatriot conveyor-ed all the shingles and tar paper and roofing paraphernalia onto the roof.  It was a very exciting morning!

They say the roofing starts on Monday.  Stay tuned!

Before I go, here is a very hard to decipher picture of the porch roof under the west windows.  As you can't see, there are cutouts with a shallower pitch around those windows, so that we didn't have to make the windows smaller.  I know you can't tell what I am talking about.  But I wanted you to know.



The Roof is On. The roof is o-on. The roof is on. Now it's on the house.  Eee hee! The roof is . . . . On.

Those were song lyrics.  I realize now that it might not have been all that obvious.

It has been a long time coming with plenty of bumps and stops along the way but The Roof Is Finally Finished. 

If you look close at the above picture you can barely see the cricket on the roof. No, not a little chirping bug. Remember boys and girls, a cricket  is the transition from one roof area to another, designed to divert water.

Below we have the house's backside.  Classy as usual.  It seems to have a bit of toilet paper stuck to it. So embarassing.

Here's the view up inside the gable. I think it's a gable. I don't know, Roofs have a lot of parts.

See this bit of roofing in the picture below? Notice how the pitch on the right and left hand side are not the same? That is one of the things we really wanted to avoid, but eventually we just had to give up and accept it.

 And there you have it. A totally completed roof.  And as I understand it, as soon as the roof is covered with at least paper (that being the tar paper that goes under shingles) then the Heating and Air conditioning guy can come and start running vents.  But now the builder is at scout camp for the rest of the week.  Darn these Mormons and their busy schedules!  BUT, I think he has already ordered the windows, AND he asked us what color shingles we wanted.  So, things are happening, whether we can see it or not.


Here are a few more breath-taking photos to take your breath away.

We finally decided to accept the roof the way it is, and change some of our plans for the attic, so things are moving along again.  What you can't really see in the next few photos is the cricket they just built.  A cricket is a sloping section of roof built when two parallel sections of roof meet in a valley.  Did I describe that very well?  

It is so hard to tell what you are looking at in these photos.  

These could really be pictures of anything.  You'll just have to take my word for it.

Here is a view of the cricket from above the roof.  To get this photo I climbed up a ladder and stuck my head out between the joists like a meerkat. 

Enough.  I'm pretty sure you've got the idea.  I explained the heck out of it.

Here we have a hallway, complete with a little boy in his spiderman jammies holding a scrap of wood he has just fallen in love with and wants to keep forever.  Convincing my kids not to keep garbage is a full-time job.

3rd Bedroom.

A view from the 3rd bedroom, looking toward the hall.

Master bedroom.  You guys don't get sick of looking at pictures of 2x4's do you?  I sure don't!

And a bit of plumbing, to round everything out.   

This morning I met with a cabinet guy.  We are considering doing Ikea cabinets in the kitchen, but the builder convinced me to at least meet with the cabinet guy, so I did.  It was exciting and scary and fun and stressful.  I've thought about our kitchen A LOT, and I have a very clear idea of what I want, but there were still things they asked me that I didn't have the answers for.  And knowing that whatever dumb ideas I have are going to be in my kitchen FOREVER is a little daunting.   But we worked up a plan and he will come back with a quote.  And that is all I have for you now.  Until next time.  Adieu. 


As you can see, some plywood has been put on the exterior walls of the addition.  Sheeting is what they call it, I think.

They hadn't planned to put the sheeting up yet, because the roof isn't done yet, but we ran into a little. . . . um. .  . . snag, so he found something else to work on. 

The problem is, the roofline is not being built the way we expected.  Which means we either have to adjust our expectations and some of our plans, or else rip the roof off and build it over.  Which is not as easy of a decision as it might sound.  So he gave us a couple of days to decide what we want to do.  And now he is at Youth Conference.  

It is always good to remember when you are working with a builder or contractor, that even if they are someone you trust it doesn't mean that you won't run into problems.  They might misunderstand you, or you misunderstand them.  You both might be taking totally different things for granted and never talk about it at all.  You might say something you don't mean, you might forget to tell him something you do mean, you might be so tired of making decisions that you might hide out under a rock and stop answering your phone.  But you can't!  It is your house and your money, so ask lots and lots of questions and be involved so that you know what is going on.  I like giving advice like this, because I am so very wise.

And seriously, the amount of decisions we are forced to make really is mind-blowing.  I have to know the exact sizes of my kitchen cabinets, what kind of sink I want in my bathroom, how wide my doorways will be, which direction the doors will swing, and exactly where we will put the dining room table, just to name a few.  Figuring out all the design and finish work stuff before all the walls are even up is frying my brain a little. We have been having a really hard time deciding what to eat for dinner lately, and I think it is because we are suffering from decision over-load.  It can happen to anyone.