Here is a Whole Bunch O' Pictures for your viewing pleasure.

This is the porch.  They only work on it when they aren't busy with something else, so it is going pretty slow.

Here is a picture of the downstairs hall.

Here is the ceiling.  Hypnotic, I know.

Fun story about the doors:  2 of them aren't the right size.  That is why they are still stacked up in the old living room.  

For almost a year now the front room, with the fireplace in it, has been stuffed to the gills with furniture.

 But that time had come to an end.  We had to get the stuff out, whether we had somewhere to put it or not.  So we rented ANOTHER container, parked it across the street, and moved everything into it. 

Actually we rented 2 more containers.  They didn't have a 20 foot container, so they gave me two 10 foot for the same price.  

Here is our existing front yard container, in case you forgot what it looked like.  We wouldn't want that.

 So now the front room is all cleaned out and ready for anything!

This is the Kitchen/Dining Room.

Below is a picture from inside Richard's office.

You may be thinking at this point that looking at pictures of drywall is SUPER BORING.  That feeling is perfectly normal.  

So what I forgot to say is that the drywallers are totally done.  But I guess we aren't quite ready for paint just yet.  Exhibit A:

The builder decided he would rather patch the plaster than tear it off and replace it with drywall.  But he has had a heck of a time finding the Structo-Lite for patching it. He finally tracked some down after much searching and I think he will get it next week.

The following is the upstairs hallway, looking toward the master bedroom.

And here is another bedroom.  The one we affectionately refer to as 3rd bedroom. 

It is the one with the loft in it.

And, finally, the master bedroom.

Whew!  What a thrill!

Here is how the fascia looks right now.

The idea is to imitate the original soffit and fascia, like you see in the following picture, and I think it looks great.

Yeah.  The details are impossible to see, but someday in the near future we will get that painted and it is going to look amazing.

Any questions?


Here's the scuttlebutt!

That is my new nickname for Colin.  It suits him. 

There were a whole bunch of guys at our house today, running around, putting tape and mud on stuff. Like this:


I guess the pros don't use drywall mud straight out of a bucket like the rest of us.  They mix it with water first in an orange bucket using a silver doohickey.  Neat!

I can only guess what they were thinking of me, as I walked through the house every couple of hours, grinning at everyone, and taking pictures of them.  But how could I resist?  One of them was on stilts!  I was so excited.

They will probably be done with the the drywall and mudding by Thanksgiving. (including texturing the walls.  Which is the drywallers job, not the painters job, FYI.)

Some other workers spent the day outside working on the soffit and fascia.  

Things are coming together!


Here is what is up at my house:

That is my kitchen, all covered in drywall, in case you couldn't tell.  

And as if that wasn't exciting enough, we also have these:

Those are my 3 new front/side doors.  Pretty exciting stuff!

Now I would love to sit here and shoot the breeze with you all night long, but I have a pile of laundry on my bed so huge it is about to gain consciousness.  And I suspect My husband has now fallen asleep on top of it.  So I gotta go.  Over and Out.


That's right!  DRYWALL!

So pretty, right?

Richard and I spent ALL DAY at our house today finishing up last minute things.  I had to leave at 2:00 but Richard just kept on working.  He kept thinking of things that still needed to be done.  5 minutes ago we thought of one more thing we need to do (we still need to actually attach the bathtub to the walls) but pretty soon if there is anything we have forgotten, it is going to be too late to fix them.  I realized this evening in the shower that I put one row of lights in the kitchen on the wrong side of the ceiling joist.  Which just means they are about 5 inches further to the south than I want them to be.  Not a huge deal unless you are anal.  

Which I guess I am.  The knowledge is clawing away at my insides.

When Richard finally got home I told him I was going to go over and move all those lights first thing in the morning and he said, "Um, I think that will be too late.  The drywallers showed up at 3:00 and just about finished the kitchen ceiling before I left."

So I guess that is 5 inches south I am just going to have to live with.  Because, in case you missed it, 


Of all the steps, drywall is by far the most exciting.  It takes so long to get to that point, the waiting is agonizing, but just a short amount of time has such a huge impact.  If I wasn't so stressed out I would be jumping up and down right now.  But I just want to take a nap.  

Anyone have space for 4 couches, 2 dressers and a refrigerator?  The builder just told us we will have clear those out of the house because they are now in the way.  Hooray.  I mean, HOORAY!  But also, hooray, ya know?


This happened:

I took a bunch more pictures than this, but it turns out insulation is not quite as fascinating to look at as you might expect.

Since I'm sure you are curious I will explain that No, there won't be any insulation in the interior walls.  We could have had them insulate all the interior walls too, but it costs more.  Go Figure.   

Insulation is now totally done.  Do you know what comes next?

Halloween (OR: Let Me Show Off My Mad Costume Making Skills)

That is it.  It is decided.  Halloween is my favorite holiday.   I like it best and I'll tell you why:

1) I don't have to give anyone a gift.
2) I am not subjected to the same cheesy music everywhere I go.
3) I get to wear a costume.

Also, our Halloween traditions are such fun.  Every year we go to a pumpkin patch to kick the month off, then we decorate scary cookie houses, carve pumpkins, and make Halloween decorations. Not to mention that the weather has just turn all autumny and beautiful, the cooking is more delicious and life in general takes a turn for the better.

Halloween as a parent is fun because you can dress your babies as whatever you want.

2008 2

2010 6

2011 2

But eventually they reach an age where they want to pick their own costumes. Sometimes you get lucky and they pick something awesome and so fun to make.

2010 5

And if what they want to be is Sheriff Woody, you can throw together a pretty great costume if you already happen to have a pair of cowboy boots.

2011 1

If you have boys, chances are at some point they are going to want to be Batman.

2012 2

But not to worry!  That is when things start to get exciting!  And if they BOTH want to be batman, Even Better!

2012 1

Craft Foam, and Fusible Web are a costume makers greatest friends.

If they've already been Batman, what are they going to want to be next?  Why, Superman of course!


But no matter how much you love putting together costumes for your kids, inevitably the year will come that they insist on a STORE BOUGHT Spiderman costume, and you will have to give in.


Does that make anyone besides me sad?  I had a hard time letting go, so I had to make SOMETHING, and settled on these:


I ordered their costumes from Amazon this year, thinking they might have some higher quality costumes, but I am pretty sure they are the same ones we could have picked up at Walmart.


Here is the tag from Colin's Costume:


Yes, you read that right.

"Do Not Wash. Do Not Dry. Do Not Dry clean."

That's right. The quality is so poor that even taking the costume within the vicinity of a washing machine may cause it to begin the process of disintegration. This doesn't really matter if the costume is only going to be worn once anyway, but my 5 year old will wear his every single day if I let him. He has worn it 3 days so far and several parts of it are already giving up the ghost. (Ha Ha! Halloween Humor!)

Stay Tuned for future developments of this exciting story.  Will his costume last the week?


Here is what is happening at my house at the moment:

That is a painter laying on the porch cleaning up the existing soffit and fascia to get it ready for paint.  To which I say, "Woohoo!"

See this window here?  It is in the hallway that leads into the office and downstairs bathroom.  You might notice that it is partially covered up.  

That happened when we rebuilt the stairs years ago.  The original stairs were crazy steep, so to adjust them to a comfortable angle, we had to bisect the window.  There has always been about a foot of window sticking up on the landing in the stairwell. We always planned to just take the window out and brick it up, but then we changed our minds.  It is nice to have a little natural light in the area, and it would have looked so weird from the outside to have the window gone.  So it is going to stay there, partially covered up, forever and ever.  Lani the Builder built a little wall in front of it up on the top half so that you can't see the window from the stairway.  And here is how it looks from the outside.

You almost can't tell.  It will be obvious at night when the lights are on, but I think it is something we can all live with.  

Inside the builder has been prepping the walls for plaster:

He said he would rather patch the plaster on the existing walls than pull off all the plaster and do drywall, so we said Knock Yourself Out.  That yellow mesh is there for the plaster to adhere to.  I think he had planned to start plastering right away, but then decided to go back to working outside while the weather was nice.

And in insulation news, apparently the insulation guys got in a bad shipment of Urethane Foam.  They are now waiting for a replacement shipment, but it has put them behind schedule by about 6 days.  So they will insulate our house sometime next week.  

In other news, last night we carved pumpkins.  The boys always draw faces on the pumpkins and we carved them out for him.  Here is Colin's.

He really had a good time with the sharpie.  There was clearly two eyes and a nose and then almost endless scribbles around the pumpkin.  It is usually understood that where he draws lines, that is where I cut.  So when I hestitated before stabbing it he kindly told me, "You can just cut out the face if you like."

AND, this is just for you Susanne.  Here is a picture of R2-D2, 3-D printed, assembled and painted by Boydell.  And maybe Lance.  

Pretty Amazing, right?