Jun 4, 2017

Bragging: It is really what the internet is made for (My kids think it was made for Minecraft videos, but I'm going to stick with the bragging thing.);  Look how pretty my house is, look how cute my kids are, look what I made, look at how good I am at taking pictures, look how good I am at aerobics, look how good I am at bad grammer, look how good I am at sharing my opinions which are obviously wrong and I should be ashamed of myself for feeling that way, etc, etc.  And I don't judge, because that is why I am here, too. 

It is time for me to face it. I have fallen into the great blogging trap: the idea that the point of a blog is to showcase things you have made/stuck up on your wall.

If I can just admit this to myself and you, and if we can all accept it, then I think we can move on.

I think I am finally ready to accept it. Are you?

Good. Cuz I literally have NOTHING else to say to you.

So here is some stuff I stuck on my wall!


My great motivation to do this was because all the picture frames I owned were leaning against the wall in the hallway outside my bedroom. I kinda wish I had a picture to show you, but I don't.

I wanted some of those pictures gone. And I wanted something on my wall here. See how I solved two problems at once?? It's Brilliant!

I figured out how high and low I wanted to go on the wall, and then laid everything out on the floor until I found a layout I liked.


This one'll do!

Then I used wrapping paper and traced everything and put the paper shapes up on the wall to make sure my location and spacing was just right. I hung it all, one peice at a time, using velcro command strips.

Then I just had to fill the frames. Do an internet search for "Free Printable Art" or something like that and you will be amazed what pops up! I love all the prints I found, and I didn't have to pay for any of them. Woohoo!


My dad made this wooden frame and the other two like it.  He made them years and years ago and now they are mine! Ha ha hahah h!


This "Joy" sign is actually Christmas decor, but a few command strips stuck to the back and now it is art on my wall all year long.



In case you need a closeup of that family photo, here it is:


Baby was about 5 months old in that picture. He is now 6 years old. Exact same personality.

Finally, we have this Picture Frame Coat Hook Thing. Richard made it for me our very first Christmas. It was quite frugal of him, and would have saved us lots of money, if he hadn't nicked his finger on the table saw and had to get stitches in the emergency room.


I filled it up with pictures I found from FreeVintagePosters.com.  Enter that website with caution. If vintage posters are your thing, be prepared to be sucked into a world of awesome.

And that is all. A bit of art to pretty up my front hall!