Mar 22, 2016

I'm not dead yet.  I'm still kicking around over here.  And we will not be able to close the book on Project Darkstone until the city has done their final inspection and declared our house COMPLETED.
Not much has happened since we last checked in with you, so here is what we have:

A New Shelf in the Laundry Room

It started like this.


Purely functional.  Shelves like these are really easy to build.  All I had to do was find the studs, choose my height and then make sure I screwed the support boards up level before screwing the plywood on top.20160307_135134

And then all it took was a board screwed to the front to give it a more finished look.


Heck, I may even go so far as to fill the screw holes and then paint or stain it.  I just might!

Moving on to the master bathroom:


Shelves like these are all over pinterest and I had to get in on the action.

All it takes is some black pipe, a cap and a flange screwed together to make your supports, screwed into the wall using drywall anchors.


Then I got a board from my back yard, cut it to length, and set it on top.  I think this wood was one of the original floor joists from my house.


I didn't sand it, or stain it or anything.  That is the fun of reclaimed wood.  Its fine just as it is.

I also made this using black pipe:


But I used the wood from the vanity for the little shelf.  It turns out it is really handy to have somewhere to set your cell phone while you are on the toilet.  You can buy these for around $40.00 on etsy, but it was really easy to make.  Black pipe isn't cheap though, and it still cost me about $18.00, just for the parts.

Last of all, we have the stair rail.


I could have cleaned the tools off the stairs before I took this picture I suppose.  But why?

Lani the Builder also finished off the newel posts with all the necessary trim pieces and it looks beautiful!





Oh, I also pulled up the rest of the paper that was laid down to protect the floors during painting.  And as quick as I could pull out my camera to take a picture, my kids had left some toys in the middle of it.


But gosh it is pretty, isn't it?