Today in the Bragosphere

Mar 8, 2015

Did you know that I have taken up quilting?  I'm not really sure who I am talking to when I ask that question.  You, I guess.  Did YOU know?  Yep.  Quilting.  Me. Pretty thrilling,  right? Hard to believe I kept that nugget to myself, but I did.  The cat is out of the bag though.  And who knows why, but at the moment I feel like showing you a quilt.  That is what the internet is for, after all.  Showing off your mad skills.  Or your epic failures.  Sometimes it is hard to tell them apart.

So, because there has been a serious dirge of nerdiness around here lately, and without further ado, here is Harrison's Doctor Who Quilt!

I got the fabric from, but at the brand new Joann Fabric that just opened up in town, they have SEVERAL Doctor Who fabrics in stock.  The Doctor is So Hot Right Now!

The thing that makes the quilt awesome though, is the quilting.  The friend who I hired to quilt it for me is amazing.  With no instructions from me she quilted Gallifreyan all over the place. I was speechless when I saw it.  I am still blown away.  Just look at it!

It has yet to be translated.

As if that wasn't enough, she stitched in a little TARDIS, just for good measure.

I mean!  How awesome is she??

Harrison made me give this blanket to him when I finished it.  I DID make it for him, but then I also had to actually give it to him too.  So I've already got some plans in the works for another Doctor Who quilt, for me this time.  You can never have too many!