Feb 7, 2015

For today's festivities we sent out an email to both sides of our family asking for people to come out and help and we ended up with a really good crew.  They amused themselves amidst the work and dust by having brick throwing competitions and by making fun of Fae's hood.

Here are some of the highlights:






For about half an hour Richard sawed through pieces of the roof and the rest of us stood around and waited for them to fall down.  But the piece in the picture above wouldn't fall.  Boydell climbed under there on a ladder at one point and tried prying on it with a shovel.  The rest of us figured he was definitely going to die, but hey, he's an adult.  He worked at it for a while till finally he said "I don't even know what is holding up the roof above me.  Oh, nothing is holding up the roof above me!  I'm getting out of here!!"

It was Hilarous.

Anyhoo, that durn piece of roof wouldn't fall off.  So when Richard tied a chain around a 2x4 and hooked it up to the truck, we were all pretty excited. It took a few tries, but the roof finally came down!

Woohoo!  Goodbye Kitchen!  So, so glad to see it go.  Here is a picture of Richard telling these slackers to get back to work:



What would we do without our families?  They worked and worked and worked and saved us DAYS worth of time.  We love you!  Thank you!