Feb 14, 2015

Have I mentioned that it is February and we are in Utah?  We should be slogging through cold, snowy, overcast, depressing winter, but the weather has been amazing.  I got a sunburn yesterday. A sunburn!  It was 64 degrees, sunny and beautiful.   I have been afraid to mention the weather before now, because I am superstitious and I didn't want it to go away.  I still can't believe how warm and sunny it has been.  Like a little gift from heaven, to make this stage of the remodeling process just a little bit easier for us.  And I am hugely grateful.

I didn't update you on our progress the last couple of days, and you are just going to have to live with that.  I can sum it up for you real quick: we cleaned up.  And with the help of the manlift and a chain with just lifted the bathroom floor straight up and dropped it into the dumpster.  Easy peasy.

We went from this


to this


to this


Can you tell the difference?  I need to get some more pictures from some more angles cuz you can't see much.  But can you see how much cleaner it is?  Richard and I made very slow progress on our own, but a bunch more people came and helped us this morning and we finished it all in a couple of hours.  I was jumping up and down I was so excited.

Richard was so excited he started giving people rides in the manlift

20150214_125003 - Copy


Thanks again helpers!  I would still be picking up wood if it wasn't for you.  So now our part of the job is over and we turn things over to The Builder and his team of subcontractors who will finish this thing in no time.  And now I can just sit around the house eating bon bons and not washing my dishes because I'm lazy, instead of not washing my dishes because I am exhausted and have no time.  Hooray!