Eat your M&M's with a Fork

Aug 31, 2012

One of Harrison's favorite games is "Let's Trick Each Other"  (That isn't actually its name.  It doesn't have a name.  I just gave it that name for the sake of this post.)

First he'll say something like, "Look, Mommy!  Look, Mommy!  There's a bird in the house!"

And when I say "What? Where??" He says "I'm just kidding!"   And then it is our turn to try to trick him.  We play it during dinner, while we're driving, when he should be going to sleep. . .

He gets pretty creative.  He'll say things like: "Look, Mommy!  Look, Daddy!  That mountain is flying up in the air!"  OR "There is a Giant Spider in the road!" and when we say "Oh No!"  He gleefully responds "Just Kidding!"

One time  while we were all in the car he said "Look, Daddy!  Look, Daddy!  There is a piece of cake back here for you!"

Which really crossed a line.  You don't make jokes about cake.

Colin likes to put on his backpack, or my purse, or sometimes just sling a bucket over his arm and say to me, "Bye!"
So I say "Bye!  Have a nice day!"
Then he says "Home!"
and I say, "Oh, welcome home!  I missed you so much!"  And then he does it all over again.  He used to run out of the room between the "Bye" and the "Home", but now he just saves time and doesn't move at all.

Batman PJ's: F-U-N

The camera on my phone: J-U-N-K.