Dust in Time

Aug 18, 2012

One of the fun parts of remodeling is demolition.  It is fun because you get to smash things, and a couple hours work yields such huge results.  And because you get smash things.

However, if you LIVE in the house while you are demolishing part of it, some of that fun is diminished.  By the dust.  And I really don't know how else to put this.  I HATE IT.  I hate to dust under normal circumstances.  So normally I just pretend the dust isn't there.  But after knocking down a brick wall, or tearing out some lathe and plaster, the layer of dust over everything in my house is so thick my only choice is to break down and clean it.

We finished all the demo a while ago though, thank the heavens.  And now I am back to just having regular amounts of dust on all my furniture and ignoring it like every red-blooded American should.  That is until Richard recently decided he needed to knock a small hole in the brick wall in the living room for the air return.  It is very complicated.  Don't ask.

So he pulled out his air compressor and his little jack hammer attachment and knocked a hole in the wall and got dust all over the place and I dutifully cleaned it up like the dutiful wife I am.  I dusted the whole house and mopped and polished the wood floor in the living room and the room looked great.  A few days later he decided the hole was a little too small so he got out the jack hammer and knocked out some more bricks until the hole was just right.

Awe.  Such a pretty hole in the wall.  I looks like the entrance to an ancient tomb full of junk.

And now everything is covered in dust again, just for me.  Which is great!  Only I really don't want to mop the floor again.  I swept the best I could, but here is the floor after sweeping:

Honestly I'd rather tear the floor out than have to mop it again.

I can't remember now why I am telling you this.  If anyone can think of a reason, please clue me in.