May Pictures

Jun 27, 2012

In honor of the movie coming out, we played a little Battleship.  Or rather Richard and I played while the boys had a grand ol' time sticking pegs into holes. 

Look at his concentraty little face!

In May, Harrison started picking out his own clothes.  He was not interested in my suggestions.  And he was totally convinced that this was about the hottest outfit ever.

 He tried to wear it everyday.  On the off days, he wore something like this:

 Why does that picture remind me of David Bowie?

The boys like to play this game where they take turns pretending to be dead, while the other cries over their lifeless body.  

And yes, they liked to play it on the kitchen table.  They were playing so nicely together, how could I say no?

Yep, life is good while you are laying on your brother's head!

That is it!