Story #2 - Thank You Note

May 18, 2011

Dear Grandma,
     Well, my mom said that I had to write a thank you card to you for giving me that sweater, even though I told you thank you in person.  So thank you once again.  The yellow is going to go great with my jaundice eyes!  Also, I love cookies.  The idea to use sugar cubes in them was an interesting choice.  Wow!  I'm not really sure how to feel about it, to be honest.  My first inclination was loathing, but that quickly turned to something akin to wonder.  But I thought, either way, you should know that the mittens made my hands break out.  I"m not holding you legally responsible, although I'm forwarding my attorney's address to you, just in case.  Well, thanks again.  I'm glad you came to my party.  You really brought the house down!