Art, Art

May 27, 2011

Harrison and I like to draw.  Actually it is a new thing for Harrison, and I'm happy to oblige him.  Chalk pastels on construction paper are pretty fun so I was drawing a big ol' goofy face and Harrison said, "That looks just like you!" 

I laughed at his silliness, then drew some big juicy lips on it, and realized it DOES look just like me!

So then Harrison wanted to draw a picture of himself:

It is so cute I just want to eat him!  He signed the picture and everything.

Then we have a picture that Harrison made at school.  I thought it was a tree, but he said that the brown one is him and the green one is his little brother.  Aw.  

And see that little dot over there on the right?  He said that is my one eyeball.  I'm just so touched that I get to be in the picture.

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  1. Oh my goodness. That's too funny! I love your eyebrows, especially!

  2. Such talent! I like your blog changes, by the way. It's always fun to switch things up. Hilarious photo of your boys on the right! I laugh every time I see that look on Harrison's face. Nice to read you again.

  3. Harrison's self portrait with those big ol' ears is adorable.