A Typical Conversation with Harrison

Jul 10, 2010

Hi Harrison.  How are you?
Hi! I'm me! Boy!
Come and eat lunch.
Find my Woody doll.  Where my Woody doll? Woody! Where are you? Find my Woody doll.
Harrison, its right here.  Sit down and eat.
Play packy doh.  Play packy doh.
Oh really?
No! Play packy doh!
I don't know what that means.
Play packy doh Right Now!
Don't climb on the table, just sit down and eat your sandwich. What do you want to drink?
Ummmm... Boo Nay House!
That's silly.  Here is your napkin.
Yeah. Yeah.  Yeah. Yeah.  Boo Nay house.  Boo Nay house.  Boo Nay house.  
Maybe tomorrow.  Here, use your napkin.  No!  Don't wipe your hands in your hair!
Mommy!  Play packy doh!
Ok.  Sit down and eat please.  
Yes.  Superman.