It is Hot and/or Ready, if you are willing to wait till it comes out of the oven.

February 27, 2010

Friday night I was going out with some friends, so a quick and easy dinner solution for my family was Little Ceasar's Hot and Ready pizza. Because I'm cheap like that.

At 5:00 Harrison and I pulled in to Little Ceasar's, (in order to beat the dinner rush) and I ordered a Hawaiian pizza. They used to have them hot and ready, but not any more. I didn't realize this. The cashier told me it would be about 5 minutes. No big deal. I grabbed a balloon for Harrison and we sat down to wait.

Turns out 5:00 on a Friday is NOT early enough to beat the dinner rush. It was packed. Crazy busy. I think Hot and Ready pizzas was probably the best thing Little Ceasar's ever did for themselves. The pizza is not fantastic, but it is cheap and it is available NOW. Those two qualities are pretty hard to resist. And those highschoolers employed there work really hard. People say teenagers are lazy, but those kids were working their non-existent bums off.

So we waited. And waited. And waited. After about 15 minutes an employee told me they had just put my pizza in the oven and he was really sorry and gave me a couple expired coupons for free crazy bread. So we waited some more.

Harrison was done sitting quietly by this time. I tried to find the balance between keeping him from driving everyone else in the place crazy, and giving him enough freedom that he wouldn't scream. I didn't do a very good job, but I honestly thought about trying harder. Some little kid sitting next to us was smacking his parents in the face with his balloon, so Harrison started doing it to me, and I was like "NUH UH." Then he wanted to roll around on the floor with his balloon, but I wasn't having any of that either.

I considered leaving, but thought, if I don't bring this pizza home to my family, how will I provide them with the nourishment they need? After around 20 minutes the same employee gave me my money back for the pizza. I said "Are you serious?" And he assurred me they were sorry that my pizza was taking so long. I wanted to ask how much longer it would be at this point, but after such a kind gesture on his part, I felt like that would be a little greedy of me.

So I just kept waiting. And it really would not have been a big deal if not for Harrison. He spent his time jumping in front of people on accident so that they tripped over him, sending their pizzas flying (OK. Nobody's pizza flew through the air. That would have been just so awesome), sticking his hand in the door to keep people from closing it (to which my response was "WHAT the CRAP are you doing???"), or patting strangers on the bum. The poor old lady he did that to probably had a mini heart attack from that little surprise.

At 5:30 I was just about to tell them that, Thank You, they had been very, very nice, but I was going to have to leave, when someone who looked like a manager came over with my pizza, an apology, and coupons for TWO free Hawaiian pizzas. Wow. Really, Wow. I thanked him for the excellent service and went home to scarf down my pizza. And I felt a little bad. Did the manager realize I already got my money back? Not to mention the crazy bread. Cuz while I did have to wait a while, that was a very profitable pizza acquiring expedition. And that is some seriously good customer service! Better than I would have ever expected from Little Ceasar's. Far from being annoyed and deciding to go somewhere else next time I want pizza, I'm gonna go back to L.C. because they were so nice to me. But, when that next time happens to roll around, you can bet your pajamas that I will be leaving Harrison with his Father.

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  1. That is some excellent customer service, I must say. Well, except for the whole taking 45 minutes to get your pizza part.

  2. Why did it take so long?!? But I might try this sometime haha.

  3. Awesome! Well, the free part is awesome the waiting not so much. We also go there because of Veruka Salt Syndrome (I want my pizza and I want it NOW Daddy!)

  4. Now THAT is definitely excellent customer service.
    And - "working their non-existent bums off..." I love it!

  5. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! What a great non fictional story!

  6. yum! I wish I had that experience Friday night. Instead, I called ahead to Papa Murfy's. Got there an hour later and they still hadn't made my pizza...waited 20 more min. making me late to a bridal shower. But the pizza tastes way better than LC, so I shouldn't complain.

  7. I would be laughing hard at this except that it rang so close to home that I had a mini-panic attack after I got done reading it.

    Has anyone figured out when exactly is the proper age for little boys to venture out in public?

    And I'm glad I'm not the only mom who asks "WHAT the CRAP are you doing?" Ha, ha, ha...ah.....

  8. Wow, I'm impressed Little Caesar's would do that for you. The sure wouldn't do that here, lemme tell you.

    Also, I hate typing "Caesar."

  9. Maybe they are trying to improve their customer service. Recently they gave us a sausage pizza by mistake, when we asked about it, they gave us the pepperoni we'd ordered and a coupon for a free pizza, and we got to keep the sausage one, and also free cookies. Not a bad deal!

  10. Dang. Where is this pizza joint located exactly?

  11. Always reminded of a friend who called to order a pepperoni and they said you don't need to order it, it is Hot and Ready. He said, "but can't I order one anyway so I wont have to wait?" to which they said, "seriously it is Hot and Ready" so he went to pick one up and they were sold out, he had to wait twenty minutes.