Pregnancy for Dummies

December 16, 2009

Hey, I am doing some research and would like to know:

What crazy advice have you heard or received for how to get pregnant? What tips or tricks did your great grandmother tell you they used to do back in the day? What weird, Old Wives Tale types of thing have you heard? My inquiring mind wants to know!

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  1. Ah man! I've heard it all. We have infertility so the list of 'well-intentioned but stupid' advice is long. One of the amazing things I learned along the way is just how LITTLE the average woman knows about her own body. I'd had Mothers of 5 kids tell me stuff that was just completely and totally biologically wrong. LOL!

    Let's see, I heard:

    "If you just relax, I know this lady..."

    "If you adopt, THEN you'll be able to get pregnant. I know this lady..."

    "Go on vacation together. I know this lady..."

    "If you quit trying it will just magically happen. I know this lady..."

    I think you get the idea.

    What worked for US and our fertility issues was good (expensive) drugs, good Doctors, good prayer, good treatment and good luck!

    I hope it comes much easier for you but however it comes, it's all good in the end.

  2. Well I have no advice in this arena. If you hear of any good ideas, pass them along our way too!
    Sorry I can't be of more help...but I have heard ALL of those same things Cynthia listed too...

  3. Yeah, I've totally heard the adoption one. And actually someone JUST posted about that very thing happening to them. So weird.

  4. Lately, I've heard of plenty of people who have gotten pregnant ON birth control. Apparently, it's a lot more common than I thought.
    That scares me.

  5. DUDE.
    We went through infertility treatments for three years before having our first child, so I've been given all of this "caring" advice. I wrote an article about it for an infertility newsletter:

  6. My pediatrician told me (after meeting all my boys) that if my husband would "aim left" then we'd get a girl next time.

  7. Hi Elesa. Long time reader, first time commenter. I came to your blog from Jamie' I met you the other night at your parent's house, so now I figure I can comment. :) I have a lot to say in this area, but I'll just give you my favorite two.

    "Stop eating white rice."


    "You just need to have a little more faith."

    Bless those advice-giver's hearts.

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  9. Elesa,

    I wish I could be of help. I have never been able to get pregnant. Every single time there has been a pregnancy at our house, it has been Fae.

    However, I heard that if you just start telling everyone your pregnant, then you will be. I knew this lady...

  10. Interestingly enough, my mom is one of those that could not have kids, and so they adopted me, and 18 months later she gave birth to Casey.

  11. Oh gosh, I hope you're not sorry you asked--er that I responded.

    My favorite now, but most angering at the time came from a friend's mother-in-law. She asked how long I'd been married and if we wanted kids. When I said, yes, we're just waiting on the Lord with that one. Her response was, "Are you sure you know how to do it?"

    It seems like I've tried everything, but after 13 years of trying to improve my fertility, I know there are as many ideas out there as there are people and I've listened to many of them.

    I've tried eating super healthy, monitoring my tongue (it tells you things, apparently), exercising the pelvic bones, taking my temperature, taking my temperature while monitoring my tongue, taking specific vitamins, propping my pelvis up with a pillow, hanging upside down, drugs, surgeries, IVF, insemination, ICSI...

    I know you didn't ask what I've learned from this, but reading others' comments lit my fire. I've heard the faith thing too and that's the hardest pill to swallow.

    What I've learned through my experience is that prayer is the one tried and true way to stay sane, BUT no two people are the same in body OR in how to measure their faith. Someone's faith should never be compared to how many kids they are "granted" to conceive or given through alternate means.

    My advice? Stop listening to advice and don't be afraid to educate people in a kind way about how they innocently are incorrect.

  12. While we were trying to get Pregnant. Some lady told Joseph to eat alot of Ice Cream, because that got his little guys ready and willing.

    HA! He loves Ice Cream, so he was very faithful at eating all he could.

  13. I have a great book you can borrow...Taking Charge of your fertility by toni weschler. Have you heard of it? It is sitting on my shelf not being used at the moment and you can borrow it if you would like.

  14. I think I gave her that book years ago, and they followed it religiously. It is a great book.