Feedback on your feedback

Jul 7, 2009

Wow! Very good feedback everyone! (You can see that I am a fan of praise as a form of positive reinforcement) You had a bunch of good ideas and made lots of points that I hadn't even considered. I'm so glad I asked you. Course I had to scrap my card and start all over, but that isn't the point!

For those who are curious, I am ordering my cards though (and I forbid you to go look at their website and then come back to me and tell me how cute their pass along cards are and I really should have just ordered one of their designs. I know they are cute. I wanted to do my own. Can you please just LET IT GO?) I tried to print them myself, but my printer has made it clear that while it loves me and lives to serve me, it does still have limitations, and when I yell at it for not doing something that it is incapable of doing, it hurts its feelings.

So, now comes the uncomfortable part where I ask if any of you are interested in taking some of these cards to hand out as you see fit. (Thanks to those who have already volunteered!) And I know it is kind of a weird thing to do, so only take them if you want them. (Though, if you don't want to hand them out, you could always carry one in your wallet to pull out at parties to show people that you really do have friends, even if those friends suffer from some basic reproductive malfunctions).

Let me make it clear that I DO NOT want you to accost pregnant strangers. They get enough of that what with old ladies rubbing their bellies all the time. But please do hand them out when it seems appropriate and you feel impressed to do so.

And then just don't be offended when you see the cards and realize I didn't use any of your ideas. Hee hee hee! (Hmm. That laugh was supposed to be maniacal. But I think it came off sounding more like a little Japanese girl. Though I guess that works too.)

And, once again, Thank You All Very Much!