A New Meaning to the Term "Pea-Shooter"

Apr 21, 2009

For a while now, Harrison has been very interested in sticking his fingers in his nose. I have come to accept this as part of childhood. However, lately he likes to stick OTHER things up his nose. Little pieces of bread, small chunks of crayon, or pieces off his sucker. After he stuck part of his sucker up his nose today I threw the rest of it away, to teach him it was wrong. He was REALLY mad about that.

Last night during dinner, at the in-laws house, he stuck a pea up his nose. While we were sitting at the dinner table. I always forget that I have to watch him every second; as soon as I turn away he tries to stick something up there. So there we are, at the table. Peas up the nose. Richard's sister ran off to get us some tweezers to fish it out, but Richard didn't want to wait, so he pinched off the other nostril and told him to blow.

That pea shot out of there like a cannon, and bounced around the table for a minute, landing squarely on my niece's plate. Ha ha. Just kidding, it rolled to a stop near the salt and pepper. That would have been hilarious. But it was still funny. I'm sure us laughing about it really does not help get the point across to him. Not that anything else I am doing gets the point across.

But at least he knows how to do the farmer blow now. It is pretty handy. So today during lunch when I realized he had stuck some ham off his sandwich up his left nostril (it being the nostril of choice) I just plugged the other side, told him to blow, and out the ham came. Etiquette crisis averted!