I am Dork, and Sometimes I Cry for No Reason

Apr 10, 2009

Ok, don't make fun of me. If you read Cake Wrecks, you probably already watched this video, cuz that is what led me to it. This is from Britain's Got Talent, about a cellphone salesman who wants to make it big singing opera.

So, anyhoo, I watched it. And for reason's I'm not sure I can even identify, I started to cry. I was feeling like a giant weirdo with tears streaming down my face until I saw that I wasn't the only one. One of the judges and some audience members were crying too.

But I'm still not sure why. The song was beautiful, but it was either in Latin or Italian, so I don't know what he was actually saying. But the whole thing just felt like such a triumph of the human spirit. Or something. Like I said, I don't know why it got to me. Does you? Did anyone else get a little emotional, or is it just me?