The Year in Review

Mar 14, 2009

So it is March. Whatever.

Here are a few search terms that people entered that led them to my blog. You've seen it done before I'm sure, and now you are going to see me do it. Here goes:

"body breaks down after age"
There were a whole bunch of these. "Body at Age 30", "age at which body begins to show signs of age". etc. etc. I'm just glad that Google led them to me. Because of this very informative post. I mean, no one will ever just tell you that the day you turn 30 your body is going to start falling apart. You can ask your doctor, and he will probably say that you are fine. And any expert you meet will likely say that there is no ONE age when your body will begin to show signs of aging, but it is simply untrue. And clearly statistics say that I am not the only one who has noticed this. I mean, come on, there were like 20 different search values all leading to the same thing. Numbers that big don't lie. When you turn 30 your body starts giving up and people are noticing.

"i hate mary kay"

I have to wonder about this one. I never said I hate Mary Kay, did I? Oh, maybe it sent them to this post. Yeah, now it is making sense. I just wonder what it is they were looking for? A club to join? Looking for news of a plot for revenge? I can only hope they found it and wish them well.

"knowing is half the sandwich"
Well of course they would come here. Knowing is half the sandwich, and my blog is the other half. Eat up.

"under the table" "her gum"

This obviously has reference to something much deeper than it seems.

am ismart enough for high school, quiz
based on your grammar and typing? I'm gonna say, No.

anger management internet
Ah. Yes. My time tested, age old, fool proof anger management system. It is a lucky, lucky soul who implements it.

can i wear white pants on march 15

Oh, I am so glad you asked. Let me check for you..... and No. No you may not. The safety zone doesn't fall until after memorial day, so just put those white britches back in storage until summer missy!

can men do the uneven bars
Why yes they can! As I'm sure this curious googler found out. Behold!

computer programmers are nerds
yes, that's true, and I don't see how googling it is going to change anything.

ender's game life lessons
Ooh, that is something I will have to work on.

fashion faux pas wearing linen before memorial day
I've not heard that one before, but I'm gonna go ahead and say it is a faux pas. Linen just requires so much ironing! Why would anyone do that to themselves?

how to be a funny husband
I can just picture in my head the guy that googled this. I can't help but feel kinda bad for him.

humorous toilet rules
They may be funny, but they are still rules, so lets show them a little respect, shall we?

love to see u cry elesa

Too bad. I have no heart. I do not cry.

men uneven body side photo
ha haa. ha hahahah. ha . ha haha! ha haha hhaaa. It is hard to type when I am laughing so hard. Do you think some poor guy was afraid HE was uneven, so he was looking for a picture online to compare to? Or maybe was hoping to find a picture of some horribly lopsided fellow so as to make himself feel better? I just hope it isn't the same guy who is trying to figure out how to be funny.

proverb "ride the tiger"
Good thing they found me! Otherwise they might have read the proverb and never understood it!

ringy dingy doo da ringy dingy doo da ringy dingy doo da ringy d
That just seems a little compulsive to me. Did they even realize they were typing it, or is that just what comes out when they sit in front of a keyboard?

Well, that is it. Join us again next year for another exciting edition of "The Year In Review"!!

(The above information came from reports for Jan 2008 through Feb 2009.)