My Journal

Mar 12, 2009

When I pulled out my first journal so that I could show you all how I saw myself when I was 6, I ended up flipping through it for a while. Mostly I was a pretty annoying little kid. But here are some of the excerpts that I liked.

On a page all by itself, with no date, was this:

I'm in third grade now and I'm eight and 2/1.

That makes me giggle. If I was 8 and 2/1, does that mean I was really 10? Golly, fractions are tricky.

Here is another. In 1989 I would have been 11. I wanted this to be accurate, so I didn't correct my punctuation.

Thur Jun 1 1989
Dear Journal
Hi this day was boring. I woke up and did my schedule then we had home summer school after that we played barbies until lunch after lunch we played barbies until dinner during dinner we watched T.V.. Then we had story time and I made paper doll clothes. then Demi's friends came over and one of them said that I was beautiful and that when I grow up I going to have tons of boys chasing me
then I went to bed.

Boy, I was a lazy punctuator. Except for T.V. I made sure to add periods to that. Oh, the stuff I chose to write about. And that never happened, by the way, the getting chased by tons of boys things. I was always kinda miffed about that.

April, Wed 18, 90
Today was absolutly marvelous. We had our dance today in school and.......Well let me tell you about my day. I woke at 6:30. Then got into my blueish green skirt. And asked Demi if I could borrow her white sweater. I did my hair then went to Amy's house. When I got to school all the girls said they loved my skirt and my earings, (which were Sabina's) And a lot of the boys told me they liked my earings. 2nd [period] was fine, 3rd was fine. Lunch was great (I didn't spill any katsup on me!) Then at 12:00 we went to the dance.

The fact that I wrote about NOT spilling ketchup on myself should give you some idea of how much much time I spent with food on my clothes. I still do, come to think of it. Oh polyester! You are my friend!

And then, on June 16th, 1990, I bear my testimony for the first time:

Anyway, there something I have to tell you I'm Mormon. I just realized you didn't know that and I ought to let you know. I mean, I just always asumed you knew. But you hold my life. And my being a Mormon is a BIG part of my life. Well I'm going now bye.

I always wrote each entry like a letter. And for some reason this same year, sometimes I would sign the entries Penny, and one time, Yolanda, with no explanation. Why did I do this? Who knows?