Unable to have a Highway of their own, they decided to adopt.

Feb 8, 2009

Here is a little Blah Blah for your Sunday evening:

Richard and I are starting the adoption process again. We put down our deposit and everything. So there you have it. I have spilled the beans. The truth is finally out there (just like Moulder always knew it was). On Thursday we had an interview with our case worker. They like to get together with the hopeful couples and ask them all kinds of personal and searching questions. We already answered these questions on paper, but I guess they like make sure that we are real people, and not just a couple of robots googling answers to these confusing human questions. (Yes, robots use google too.)

She asked us about our missions: I went to New Hampshire and Richard went to Philadelphia. She said "Oh! Those are close!" As though our meeting might have had something to do with the close proximity of our missions. So I said "We weren't out at the same time though. Cuz he is way older than me." just to clear up any questions on that point, to which Richard replied that he's not THAT much older. I looked skeptically at him.

So our case worker went on to ask about our marriage. What expectations did I have going into it, compared to how it actually was? I told her that I had expected wonderful, flower-filled, magical rainbows of happiness and love. But, it was hard sometimes, especially cuz I was going to school and such. She asked Richard if he was still going to school too, and he said that no, he had already graduated when we got married, and I reminded her that it was because he is so much older.

So then she wanted to hear Richard's expectations going into marriage, and with a meaningful look at me he said, "Well, I am SO old, that I really just wanted someone to help feed me, clean me, and help me get from room to room". We all laughed, but it would be a lot funnier if only it weren't true.

So we went to a workshop after that, where we met other adoptive parents and those waiting to adopt and we all had to wear name tags and sit in a circle and chat about adoption and it was pretty cool. And they had snickerdoodles which were delicious. (My sister-in-law April thought they should have had a baby raffle to boost attendance, but I'm guessing that is probably what the snickerdoodles were for.) Afterward we stopped by Jamba Juice where I ordered a Strawberries Wild and Richard ordered an Orange Dream Machine. And when the JJ employee asked for Richard's name he tore off his name tag, handed it to the guy and said, "Here, you can keep it".

Oh boy. That crazy old man cracks me up.