Japanese Steakhouse

February 11, 2009

Went to Tepanyaki last night. Sigh. I love it so. On the way into the restaurant I said to Richard,

"You know what my favorite thing about Tepanyaki is? Making new friends!"

And then we laughed together. Ha ha ha haa! Because the possibility of having to make small talk with strangers is almost enough to keep me from eating there. Almost. But not quite. Because those noodles are so good. I think next time I am just going to order noodles with noodles on the side and forget about the chicken and vegetables. My favorite thing about Tepanyaki, though, is that it is dinner AND a show! And come on, it's a show involving food, and fire, and onion volcanoes! What could possibly be better? Watching our chef, who looked like a highly disciplined Karate Master, flip an egg around on a spatula, throw salt into the air and hit people in the face with shrimp just brought me all kinds of joy.

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  1. Tepanyaki is delicious! Haven't been in a while though.

  2. So jealous! I haven't been to Tepanyaki forever---but I feel like I need to go soon now.

  3. I never heard of it! I wonder if there is something like that in Logan?

  4. I want to check that place out. We have two good sushi places up here, but they don't put on a show (that I've seen anyway).

  5. I had my first Tepanyaki experience in ST. George this year on my birthday. Jeff and I sat next to an awesome couple who even took our cheque from us and paid for our $50. dinner! So... of course... it was an awesome experience.