Understanding Women: Part 3

Jan 29, 2009

In case you are just joining us, a number of real men were asked what things women do that they find the most difficult to understand. (If you have missed previous entries in this series, you can see them here and here.)

One very common response was: Crying for No Good Reason.

So lets address this, shall we?

Silly men. Women don't cry for no reason. She always has a reason. And believe me, it’s a good one. Getting her to tell you what that is may be nigh impossible however, so let me enlighten you.

Here are 10 of the most likely reasons she is crying:

1. She has just heard some very sad news about someone that she may or may not know.
2. She is filled with happiness and joy.
3. To get her way, or to punish you.
4. The possibility that it might rain and ruin her unborn daughter’s wedding reception.
5. She is watching Extreme Makeover Home Addition.
6. She just burned the lasagna and your mother is coming to dinner.
7. She heard a sad song on the radio.
8. She’s pregnant.
9. She’s not pregnant.
10. A very real but intangible reason she cannot name even to herself.

The most likely reason though, and the one that you should always try to remember is this:

Probably because of something you did.