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December 06, 2008

I gotta share this with you. This poem changed my life. Just now. I just read it and my life is all changed and stuff. I know it will have that changy affect on you too.

Ode of the eating
Oh, cure of the crankies,
thou which art food for my face.
I eat thee and am full nigh unto sleeping.

I sleepeth not!

I must now clean mine house,
or suffer the sting of womanly knuckles,
against mine face.

Oh, parcel of continuance,
thou cookie of chipped chocolate!
Endure the assault of sharpened teeth.
I sharpen them according to the heart's desiring,
which now sounds kinda creepy.
I'm not a vampire.

I'm just not.

This is thanks to the artistic genius of Lance. Though perhaps the poem is a bit confusing out of context. If you think so, feel free to read the whole post here.

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  1. Man, just the other night, I had a dream where I was at my parent's house in Milpitas, and it was some sort of family gathering, and we were making rice pudding and bunuelos, and I was really hungry, but every time I tried to get a bite, someone would bump into me on accident, or someone would slap my hand down and say it wasn't time to eat and I couldn't sneak a bite.
    It was really frustrating, and my first thoughts upon waking were of you and how to blog about it.