The Other Room

Aug 3, 2008

I left out a whole room in my hurry. Right after we finished the bathroom, like right after we finished tiling the shower, we got a room ready for Faralee who would be staying with us when she got home from a mission in Taiwan. We got lots of help for that project. ( You can see it here with a few of the various and sundry items found around the house. I think they were all eventually deemed "Worthless Trash").

 In a couple of weekends (from 3/27/04 to 4/4/04) we tore out the ceiling, scraped off all the old wallpaper, ran some quick wiring, and prepped and painted the walls. We needed to leave the ceiling unfinished, so we had a super neat exposed beam thing going on.

Boydell suffers from an irrational fear of paint, as you can see, so it was real nice of him to come out and give us a hand.