Parade of Homes

June 20, 2008

So, we did the parade of homes again this year. It has been a few years since we've done it, and we decided it was time once again. Harrison loved it. Turns out that exploring other people's homes is one of his favorite past times. However, his ideas of what to look at were very different than ours. Richard and I are remodeling, so we were at the parade of homes to look around and get ideas. Harrison was mostly interesting in looking at the toilets. In every bathroom. In every single house. He also had to open every cabinet, and test the faucet in the bathtub to make sure it was working. Then he needed to look in, and closely inspect every closet. He would then spend a good 10 minutes on the stairs, testing their structural integrity. All the other parade goers usually got piled up behind us while he did this, but there was no help for it - it had to be done.
So. . . blah blah blah, sentence that sums everything up nicely. The end.

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  1. Harrison is so curious just like his parents. I love watching how little kids minds work! Harrison is pretty awesome, and isn't the Parade of Homes FUN! I remember walking out of there with all kinds of kitchen gadgets from late night infomercials and stuff.

  2. Some friends of ours always to go the POH in St. George...makes me dream big! I WANT A HOME OF MY OWN!!! :)

  3. Those parade goers should have been grateful knowing the stairs were indeed sound.