March 26, 2008

My Dad likes to say "You can never have too many fonts!" Or, more often, "You can never have too many couches!" which is of course absolutely untrue. It makes me think of that Shel Silverstein poem about the Man and Woman who couldn't have children so they didn't have anyone to take out the trash, and it just piled up around them until garbage was spilling out the windows and chimney. But I think I was talking about couches. No, I was talking about fonts, but leading into it with couches. Ah yes, now I remember! My point is, you CAN have too many. Sorry Dad. My parents had a room downstairs that was so full of couches we had to shove one of them into a closet just so we could have a little floor space. The same thing can happen with fonts. You find a cute one here, a perfectly themed one there, and why wouldn't I download it, it's free! And before you know it, you have fonts spilling out of your proverbial closets (where they got stuffed with the skeletons).
This happened to me. It can happen to anyone. If you don't know what the warning signs are, it could be happening to your banker or your neighbor or your sister and you would never know it. I had to go on a font diet. This was quite emotional for me. I love my fonts so. But I read somewhere that ideally you shouldn't have more than 300 fonts installed on your computer at once, as all the fonts are loaded for each application you have open. I had almost 1700 fonts. And it was really slowing down my computer. At least I think it was.
So I uninstalled 1000 fonts. And now all my internet fonts are different and it is tripping me out!
* * * * * * * * * * *
Ok. Enough time has passed. I reset the factory installed fonts so everything is back to normal. At the same time I have slimmed down to a mere 126 fonts, thank you very much, and I am feeling pretty good about me. But let me tell you what has made this all possible for me. I downloaded a Font Manager program called "The Font Thing" and it allows me to see my fonts in ways I never thought possible. You can arrange them in categories, and also view the fonts that are NOT installed on your system, so that even if they aren't installed, they are not lost to you. Best of all, you can type in your page title or whatever it is you are fonting about, and it will display your title in each of the fonts. If you don't know what I am talking about, then you obviously aren't a font geek like me, but if you do know what I mean, then you also know how awesome that is. There are lots of Font Manager programs out there. Just do a search for "Font Manager" or "Font Organizer" and you are sure to find something you like. And now, I think I have talked about fonts way longer than was necessary. So I will leave you to your thoughts.

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  1. I totally need a font organizer...that sounds awesome! Thanks for the tip! I wish I had as many fonts as you do to pick from. I am in a font rut and need some fresh new ones.

  2. I am not the font monger you are, but I find your predicament quite amusing. The trouble with me is, I would NEVER have figured out that it was causing problems. Nor would I have thought to look for a font manager online, luckily I have you to come to my rescue. My font hero.

  3. lest ye think me cleverer than I am, I must clarify that I only knew about it because I read it in a magazine. It never occurred to me that there would be anything wrong with having almost 2000 fonts installed. But now Photoshop doesn't slow down my computer nearly as much as it use to, and I'm sure that is why.

  4. Fonts? It is like a whole new unknown world to me. I never imagined anyone having this problem. I didn't even know there were so many I know what my fliers are lacking, now I know why no one gives them a second glance...they are missing the perfect font. I have always just stuck with "comic". It works for almost everything...but to think there could be something out there better! I can't wait to download free fonts!

  5. fonts? i love them. although i tend to use the same ones all the time

  6. Lets go back to the couch thing. Dad had too many couches so brilliant Elesa shoved one in a closet so she could set up for Thanksgiving dinner. But she forgot to take it back out afterwards. And Dad had so many couches he didn't notice that one was missing for several months. And then when we did find it, it was nearly impossible to get it out of its hiding place. I wish i had a picture of the couch stood up on its end shoved in that closet. Crazy.