A penny for your comment?

Dec 10, 2007

One of the greatest rewards to the countless, COUNTLESS hours I spend composing my posts is the comments. I think most bloggers would agree. There is no honey so sweet as a praise filled comment, nor bile so bitter as a comment that refutes or disagrees with what has been written. But both are as precious as gold (or as precious as something you really like - like the smile of a child or a cat, whatever). However, comments are not easy to come by. They have to be earned. You may get a "Cute Picture", or a "That's so funny!" now and then, but anything more than that is almost too much to hope for. Or so I thought.

"Ms. Fallacy"
invariably has at least 6 comments to any post she writes. And not just "Cute Picture" kind of comments either. But lengthy, opinion filled comments written by people who are silent on all other fronts. How does she do this? It's not really such a mystery; anyone who has read her blog knows very well how she does it. She writes about real things. Things that people have opinions about. She makes people think and gets a rise out of them and they can't help but respond.

I was inspired by this. "I can write about real things!" I says to myself. (I had to snap my fingers to get my attention cuz I was thinking about something else). So I went about looking for something real to write about. Lets see.... Babies. Can they really be good or bad? People love to say, "He is such a good baby!" but can a baby be bad? I knew a guy who said his daughter was born bad, but her mother loved the bad right out of her. I'm pretty sure he meant it. So, yeah, that is a question to think about......