CAUTION: This Post is rated PG-13

Nov 10, 2007

I have a friend who doesn't like the word breast. She never talks about emotions swelling in her breast, she doesn't wear double breasted jackets, and she hates nuthatches. She also won't say chicken breast. She won't say it, but she will eat them, so instead she uses the term "Chicken Chest". This seems to me to have the opposite of the intended effect, and I always find myself thinking "What are we talking about now?", and giggling behind my hand. To make matters worse, Richard decided that he was fed up with all the euphemisms, and just started calling them "Chicken Boobs". He likes to spring this on me unawares, while we are grocery shopping or at ward barbecues. He always surprises a laugh out of me, but I cover it up smartly by coughing and then whacking him in the arm.