Oct 17, 2007

I have the nicest neighbors: a little old man and his wife. They are very sweet. Whenever he drives past our house he honks his horn to say hello. Yes, he waves and honks and every time it scares the pants off me (which is, of course, both inappropriate and embarrassing as I'm standing outside holding my groceries). He always honks; it never fails. Even if I see him coming and am already waving my arm off, he still honks and it still scares me. I try not to let it scare me, but he's got a loud Tooter on that old boat-of-a-car, and knowing the the honk is coming just makes it worse. I hear his car approaching. I turn and see it looming at the end of the block. And then I wait and wait as he drives ever so slowly down the road. I'm waving in slow motion, steeling myself against what I know is imminent. I hold my breath......and the HONK comes and my limbs each twitch about in some sort of startled spasm, and I know he has bested me again.