The First Post

Oct 2, 2007

"After the rain, when the monkeys begin emerging from their treetop hideouts, and jungle-side apartments, when the birdies begin once again to sing from their nesties, no longer afraid of being washed away in the torrential downfall of water, when the Sneegle-footed Gloober worm makes his first majestic (if somewhat slimey) wriggles, then and only then can we begin our exciting study into the world of vine swinging.
Vine Swinging: hereafter known as VS, is a largely unexplored alternative traveling method, ripe with potential only dreamed of by the previous arboreal population at large. "Aaaaaa", you say, and well you might, for the possibilities of VS have been considered primarily fictional - made popular by jungle dwelling Homo sapiens such as Tarzan, George of the Jungle, and of course, Leonard the Leotard, each with varying degrees of success."

The above paragraph is an excerpt from the VS Special that aired on Green TV during their Monkey Week. What I saw excited and inspired me and I couldn't wait to share it! For more information, see www.MonkiesInTheSkyKeepOnTurning/